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Hi, this is London Music Mixing, a mixing and recording service strong of over 10 years of experience Specialised in warm, silky and vintage sound. From here you can access to all the services I offer and upload your song to get it professionally mixed.


Online Mixing

The service of On Line Mixing is a practical and easy way to get your tracks professionally mixed. As a mixing engineer I like to mix from an artistic point of view rather than a mere technical one and I always keep an open mind and try to get your music to sound greater than ever. I specialise in silky, warm and vintage sounds and I like to keep your music to sound “organic”. From here you can upload the stems of every instrument recorded in your project, regardless the software you use, and get them back mixed.

Live Sound

Over my ten years of experience, live sound has been paramount in my career and I have gained an extensive experience in every aspect of it. I have specialised in mixing for bands and venues and I have always assessed mixing from an artistic point of view having the goal of delivering the message that the band has in mind at its best. Check the link page for some of the clients I have worked with over the years.

Studio Recording

Studio recording is where masterpieces are created and ideas become reality. I work along a few recording studios that I trust, but regardless the recording studio I hire or I work in, the texture and quality of the recordings and mixes remains the same. As a recording engineer, I always keep an open mind and a relaxed vibe and try to get the best out of every session. Listening and keeping up the quality.

Field Recording

Field Recording is the art of recording sound for motion pictures, being dialogues or sound effects and being indoor or outdoor, this has been a big passion for me as I specialise in recording on the go! I am fully geared up and I can run on battery powered devices all day. I always multi mike my recordings and I like to keep the sound “organic”.

Post Production

Post production is the process of editing and mixing the sound for motion pictures, whether or not it was recorded by me. During post production, I make sure the sound is clean and punchy and consistent throughout the video and I apply noise cancellation techniques when necessary. I also work along valuable sound designer and foley artists for every need along your production.


Sound for Motion Pictures

On Line Mixing



  • Music Venues

    Steam and Rye

    “FOH engineering: this is a cool and friendly club co-owned by Kelly Brook. I love doing the sound in this fresh and exciting club and I love the high standard of the PA system provided by F1sound”

    Pizza Express Jazz Club

    “FOH engineering: this is a big privilege for me to be able to mix in a well known Jazz Club like Pizza Express! Attention to details and precision are paramount in this one ;)”

    Aloft Hotels

    “FOH engineering: I really enjoy the chilled vibe and the original music I get to mix in one of the biggest hotel chains in the world!”

    The Phoenix

    "FOH engineering: I have mixed some really good gigs in this venue, I love the raw and wild PA installed (it has a really generous sound limit ;) as it was specified by the owner”

  • Rehearsal Studios

    The Grove Music Studios

    “Sound Engineer and receptionist: this is one of those places that has never been just a place to work, it has been part of my life and is where I met some of the greatest musicians and made great friends!”

  • “Live mixing: CAB is a great corporate band! Steven and his fellow musicians require an attention to details and a level of mixing that it’s truly challenging! Even for a seasoned engineer like me ;)”

    “Recording and Mixing: July Jones has of the greatest voice I have heard and is a really talented musician! I really enjoyed recording and mixing some of her you tube videos as well as recording the drums for her album”

  • Producers

    Hugo Ezimora

    “Mixing and field recording: me and Hugo have recently joined forces, I love his natural talent and his commintment! He keep producing tune after tune that I really enjoy mixing and I am loving field recording for him too!”

    The Fuze

    “Producer Assistant and Live Engineer: Fuze is a really talented yet really demanding musician as well as a good friend :) I have spent many hours on end talking about sound with him as well as contributing to his album and live sound”

  • Motion Pictures

    The Oki Oki Show

    “Field Recording and Mixing: The Oki Oki show is a new online character-based sketch show created by and starring British actor and comedian Josh Okusanya. Imagine Eddie Murphy meets the Two Ronnies and you’re on the right track!”

    “Recording and Mixing: NXSPot is a virtual world of video sharing as they describe themselves :) I have recorded and mixed some great music with them and the idea behind the project is really exciting!”

  • Rental Company


    “FOH and Monitor Engineer: F1sound is a great and really well organised sound rental company, I have worked on some great gigs with them and it’s always a big pleasure to work along such professionals ;)”

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How to send the tracks and get them ready to be mixed

The best way to send me the tracks is by exporting the project into an XML format, an AAF/OMF format or Bounce the tracks one by one, you can relate to the manual of your DAW, watch the tutorial for the DAW you use at the bottom or, simply, give me a call :)

Please make sure the tracks never clip: the level of each track near reaches 0Db or it never reaches the red led. Also, please, bypass all the plugins that are not meant to add a creative feature to your track (i.e.: compressors and eq should be bypassed but you might want to keep delays)

*If you use Logic, please, send me the project as it is, just make sure you save it with all their assets (thick “save assets” in the “save as” pane)

**If you use Garage Band, please, send me the project as it is :)




Ableton Live

Ableton Live*



Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops

Studio One

Studio One



Garage Band

Garage Band**

On Line Mixing Packages

  • Songwriter Pack
  • 4 Tracks
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • from £18

  • Demo Pack
  • 16 Tracks
  • Mixing
  • Editing
  • from £68

  • Band Pack
  • 32 Tracks
  • Mixing
  • Edting
  • from £130

  • Producer Pack
  • 48 Tracks
  • Mixing & Editing
  • Sit in Session
  • from £180

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